Sheila, A Heartbreak of A Little Girl


My brother had a special case at school, and because of that, he had a counselor. I accompanied my brother and my mother when they had a session with the counselor. She was a nice woman. She talked softly and she lent us a book about kids with special cases. It was by Torey Haden. And to say that I was hooked was an understatement.

The book wasn’t the one that I’m going to talk about here though. But it inspired me to get this one. It was by the same author. And boy, I didn’t regret getting this one.

Torey was a teacher at a school of kids with special cases. One day, a new little girl called Sheila came to her class. She reeked of piss, and her hair was unruly. She was a difficult girl, and she refused for anyone to get close to her. It was chaos in the already chaotic class. Torey told us about her struggle handling the kids and especially, Sheila.

Sometimes we forget, that there are a lot of types of human. Not everyone is what you deemed “normal”. This book reminds us of that.


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